It is a throttle quadrant converted from 737-200/300/400 OEM to 737 NG Style Throttle Quadrant

  • NG-style throttle add ons, to replicate the style of 737NG looks and feel.
  • Moving throttles with DC motor and slip-clutch system.
  • Servo-controlled Auto speed brake deployment.
  • Motorized trim wheels.
  • Servo controlled trim indicators.
  • Includes all necessary slide pots for interfacing and include the wiring to the interface card.
  • Interface card included and we will provide the training to setup this throttle.
  • Quadrant comes with working light plates.
  • Completely refurbished.
  • Pedestal box is optional.


This is not a regularly stocked item.  These are specialized conversions of actual Boeing 737 quadrants and are subject to availability.  Please inquire.


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